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FAQ: product availability status

Kersten HEINS
Associate III
For an existing application I have to purchase a specific ST part used in our system. How can I figure out (online) if this ST part is still available resp. if we can still order it ?

First, you will have to identify the part number, for example: "VIPER012HS". The first part of this number is called root part number (RPN), in this case "VIPER01". For each RPN you find a product folder on which is providing all related documents and resources for this product.
But for an orderable product you need to specify additional characteristics like package, temperature range, etc., if applicable. This differentiation is reflected by the commercial part number (CPN), i.e. a suffix is added to the RPN (in this case "2HS") which results in full part number "VIPER012HS". Usually , for each RPN there is more than one CPN, see example below.

For each CPN the socalled "Marketing Status" provides information if this part is in production or not. If it says ACTIVE you can order it online. In all other cases you should contact you local dealer, see complete list here:

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