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how to erase the spc560p50 Flash memory


Dear Support team,

I am Nitesh kumar from HL Mando Softtech India Pvt. Ltd.



We have ADAS based project in production stage. Boot sw was already developed by Other Team.

Now we want to update the boot SW using Boot Updater. But unfortunately we are not able to erase and write the flash memory of spc560p50 microcontroller.


Therefore we seek your support on the points given below. You are requested to please guide us on the below mentioned point.


  1.  We have the project workspace of MPC5604P microcontroller so can we use the same project workspace for spc560p50 microcontroller to erase and write the flash memory?
  2. Can you please share the sample code to erase and write the flash memory of spc560p50 microcontroller?


If you need more information from me please let me know.


Dear Support Team, 

We are waiting for your response.

Kindly share the response on the same.  


Thanks and Regards

Nitesh Kumar

Erwan YVIN
ST Employee

Hello Nitesh , 

I recommend to use the Flash Component in the SPC5Studio Tools Suite

you can install it by update site



          Best regards