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Erwan YVIN
ST Employee

Dear All ,

SPC5Studio updated components are available (56,57 on 58)

more information on

SPC58xHxx, Advanced GTM and USBTypeC credentials should be requested on

New or updated components

RLA 1.10.0

   Support of SPC574S-DISP board with PIT demo application

   SPC58: Buffered I/O support for serial driver

   support software I2C implementation for SPC58xExx

   I2C driver support timeout on read and write functions for SPC56x, SPC57x, SPC58x

   I2C baud rate display for SPC56x, SPC57x, SPC58x

   Freeze bit enabled for STM driver configuration for SPC56x, SPC57x, SPC58x

   DMA low level driver for SPC572Lxx

   ADC DMA transfer support for SPC574Kxx and SPC572Lxx

   FCCU low level driver for SPC58xHxx

GTM 1.10.0

   TDM phase shift test application for SPC58xNxx

   CRANK emulation component for SPC574Kxx and SPC572Lxx

GTM_MW 1.6.2

   Engine improvements


   Runtime IO serial output configuration for SPC56x, SPC57x, SPC58x

Network: 1.7.0

   FreeRtos TCPIP Default configuration toggle management

   Ethernet support for SPC58xExx

TSENS 1.4.0


support of SPC58ECxx

Benchmarks 1.3.0

   Float Benchmark

   Run Dhrystone in multi-core

Best Regards