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Changing Gate drive PWM Pins in SPC5-MCTK-LIB SDK based PMSM Motor controller example project

Hi All,

We are developing PMSM motor controller using  SPC5-MCTK-LIB sdk and SPC560P50L3 controller. We have Motor controller development kit and we are able run motor using devkit. Now we have developed a custom board using SPC560P50L3 and in the custom board, PWM gate drive pins are interchanges as following.

Pin No (SPC560P) Configuration in Example project and devkitCustom Board Configuration
82HS2HS2 (PWM_IN_H-V)   HS1 ((PWM_IN_H-U)
83LS2LS2(PWM_IN_L-V)    LS1 (PWM_IN_L-U)
89HS3HS3 ((PWM_IN_H-W)   LS3 (PWM_IN_L-W)
90LS3LS3 (PWM_IN_L-W)  HS3 ((PWM_IN_H-W)

So basically, we have interchanged High with Low side and Uvw with VWU phase.

Now, I need help in changing the PWM pins with respect to our custom board. 

Currently we are using example project SPC560P50L3_MotorControl_STEVAL-TTM001V1 and in the example project pins are configured as following with respect to devkit,


We are using following devkit:

inverter board and driver board - STEVAL-TTM001V1 (

controller Board - STEVAL-TTM002V1 (

So, Pleas help us in changing  gate driver PWM pin configuration in the example project with respect to our custom board.


Best regrads,




Hi ST Team,


We are still waiting for the reply.

Associate III

Hi Pradeep,

Did the STEVAL board work? can you share me the jumper pin configurations which you used. I have the following doubts.

i) Did you try hall sensor or sensorless     ii) the jumper configurations which you have used.

iii) How did you give the enable signal to the l9907 driver. did you use S54 signal.

Thanks in advance.