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Unico Merging of FSM and MLC

Associate II

Hi ST Community,

I currently have FSM and an MLC .ucf files. I have followed the instructions in DT0147 "Advanced design tips for the machine learning core and finite state machine using Unico-GUI", and have attempted to merge the FSM and MLC files into one .ucf for use in our product. Unfortunately, when I uploaded the new .ucf file, I noticed that neither the FSM, nor the MLC portions were working.

Looking into the merged .ucf file, I noticed that the very beginning does not start like the rest of the .ucf files I have created in the past, namely the turning off of the accelerometer and gyroscope and entering the embedded function mode. Below is the first few lines of the Merged.ucf:

Ac 09 64
Ac 09 04
Ac 02 41
Ac 08 64
Ac 02 41
Ac 08 66
Ac 02 41
Ac 08 67
Ac 02 41
Ac 08 69
Ac 02 41
Ac 08 6A
Ac 02 41
Ac 08 6C
Ac 02 41
Ac 08 6D

I have also attached the entire file in case it is needed (converted to a .txt for the forum requirements).

I am wondering if there is an issue with the Unico merge functionality, or if I have made a mistake in the process of merging them. Any help would be appreciated. 



Federica Bossi
ST Employee

Hi @jspear ,

Yes, this is a bug we already know. Sorry for that.

We have fixed it in our new desktop software solution MEMS Studio, I suggest you to use it instead of Unico GUI.

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