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Unicleo - Comms protocol? Source code?

Andrew Neil
Evangelist III

Is the comms protocol between the Unicleo GUI PC application and the Nucleo board documented anywhere?

If so, where?

The Unicleo GUI is touted as part of the "Open Development Environment", but I can't see any source code anywhere.

Is it published?

If so, where?

ST Employee

​Hi @Andrew Neil​ , unfortunately the full source code of the Unicleo-GUI is not available. However, if your target is to display a data in Unicleo-GUI, you can use Datalog Custom mode. The example of the Datalog Custom FW is available in X-CUBE-MEMS-XT1 and it is described in UM2142. This package library, which directly interfaces with the X-NUCLEO-IKS01Ax HW family, is open. Regards

OK, thanks.

Yes, it's sending the data to Unicleo that's the main interest - hence a specification of the protocol.

I have seen that the X-CUBE-MEMS1 package contains a "DataLogExtended" application - is that the same thing?

In that, the readme.txt fir the STM32L476RG-Nucleo example for IKS01A3 says,

 - WARNING: this sample application is only compatible with the Sensors_DataLog PC utility version 1.4.0 or higher;
   it does not work with previous versions of the Sensors_DataLog application.

Is "the Sensors_DataLog PC utility version 1.4.0 or higher" the same thing as the "Unicleo GUI" (presumably just before that name was invented) ?

"The example of the Datalog Custom FW"

You mean the DataLogCustomLite example?

The UM2142 doesn't give a full description of the protocol.

eg, looking in serial_protocol.c, I see that there are functions for byte stuffing - but there's no description of what's going on with that.

and in DemoSerial.c there's functions building NACK headers, STREAMING headers, REPLY headers - also not described.

I guess what I'm really looking for is a full definition of the protocol so that we can start off using Unicleo GUI, but then move to our own Host - without having to re-invent our own protocol.

Miroslav BATEK
ST Employee

Hi @Andrew Neil​ 

the low level protocol is described in attached file.

It is implemented in serial_protocol.c you can reuse this file if you want.

For the data stream content please check the DataLogCustom and the UM2142, this mode is the only way how you can send custom data to Unicleo-GUI.