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Thermal Dependence of LPS33HW


We are currently using the ST LPS33HW pressure sensor in an industrial IoT application. I am aware that this product is being phased out, and we have plans to replace it with a different offering from ST. However, right now, we have 100s of these in the field and have noticed a couple anomalies.

In our application, we are actually using the two LPS33HW per system to get a pressure difference between two regions in an outdoor facility. Typically, these regions are approximately the same temperature. However, with some of the cold weather recently in the US, significant temperature differences (10°C or more) have been observed, and the pressure difference between our sensors in each location show a correlated pressure shift. We would like to calibrate this out if possible.

I am aware that the one point calibration exists, and we plan to implement this at some point in manufacturing. However, we're looking for solutions to post-process data from the parts already in the field.

Can you provide any data, similar to what is shown in application note AN5063 Figure 12? I'm interested in the absolute accuracy curves over the normal operating range of pressure (near atmospheric) from -40°C to 65°C. I'd like to know the standard dependency and error on that if possible.

I'm happy to provide more details on our application and observations if needed.

Federica Bossi
ST Employee

Hi @nemez-gsie ,

As you wrote, unfortunately LPS33HW is obsolete for ST and we no longer provide support.

However you can try to open a ticket to the Online Support at this if you have already bought a lot of parts.

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