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lsm6dsl continuous mode with timestamps pattern unstable

Associate II

Hi guys

I configured the FIFO mode in LSM6DSL to extract the timestamps and Accel and gyrodata, and the data can be extracted properly. ​

Since I now prefer to extract data consistently from the fifo for a long time, I switched to FIFO continuous mode. However, the timestamps and the data pattern is not exactly correct every time. The patterns are correct every couple second, and they are not always zero.

I originally set the FIFO ODR is 833Hz with no decimation factor . My SPI speed is set to 10MHz. I thought the speed should be faster than the FIFO ODR, but it seems the FIFO is always full when I uses 833Hz, I was concerning that the fifo was always full might be the reason that the pattern was messed up. So I decrease the ODR to 104 Hz, the FIFO was pretty empty at the beginning, but after a couple runs, the FIFO become very close to full again.

It appears that the fifo pattern is more stable when I use low ODR but it is not always working.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.