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LIS2DH Raw output data noisy

Associate II

I am reading the 3-axis data while turning on Inverter and cold cathode tube.

The 3-axis data is too noisy. Is LIS2DH affected by external noise?

Also, How can i reduce the noise on the raw data? (e.g. Exrta sheelding)

ST Employee

Hi @BBQ​ ,

which kind of noise are you measuring? Could you share some data?

I mean, I would understand if your are detecting a mechanical signal (so that the source is the mechanical events in the environment, and the sensor is doing its job), or an electronics signal, that has to be removed in any case.

In both case I believe you need some kind of filters that rejects the noise without attenuating your signal.

In the first case, you need to know the frequencies in which you are interested, and then you need to tune the filtering chain of LIS2DH, for example choosing a High pass filter from register CTRL_REG2 (21h) (datasheet p.34), or a Low pass filter decreasing / increasing ODR accordingly.

In the second case, if it is an electric disturbance, you need to apply decoupling capacitors on the Vdd and VddIO to attenuate EMC disturbances.

Instead of filtering, you can also attenuate the signal by averaging the data you are receiving (for example, increasing the ODR above 2 * the frequency of interest).

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