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ism330dhcx - 6dof position + orientation estimation algorithm

Associate II

im using the ism330dhcx in an application where POSE (position + orientation) estimation are required.

the accelerometer and gyroscope data are written to an SD card @ 100Hz and will be post processed to keep things simple, however, if anyone has a real-time algorithm that would be amazing!


Federica Bossi
ST Employee

Hi @mvs1970 ,

Have you already looked at MotionFX library?

In addition, before running the MotionFX library, I suggest you to run a calibration step with the MotionAC accelerometer calibration library, in order to minimize the residual offset of the sensor, that could sum during the integration steps.

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I would very much like to use the MotionFX library, but the board I am currently using (SparkFun DataLogger IoT - 9DoF - DEV-20594 - SparkFun Electronics) already has it pre-wired to communicate using the SPI bus.

If there were an example of the MotionFX using the SPI bus, I could probably port the rest of the code, but SPI vs I2C is not an area where I have much experience or confidence.

Ooopppsss...  just noticed that the src directory is all cortex related.  This library looks great, but will be of no use to me while working w/non cortex based MCUs.

If this can be ported to vanilla arduino, then I could port it to the ESP32...