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Hello, Why can I not use 'Program with bootLoader' for FOTA in function packs like 'en.fp-sns-allmems1_firmware_v4.1.0', and 'en.fp-sns-allmems2_v2.1.0' that provide two different binaries?

Associate II


The project readme.txt file suggests that the software should start from the memory address 0x08004000 in FLASH.

  1. How can I change this when I am downloading the software from the Android app? 
  2. The board has to be restarted after the software is downloaded on the sensor, can I eliminate this restart process in any way?


Aditi Prakash

ST Employee

Hi Aditi Prakash @aditi1prakash​ ,

regarding the upload procedure (the request to start from memory address 0x08004000), try to use the STM32CubeProg tool by changing the start address in the field shown by the red circle in the picture below.


Regarding the second point, I'm afraid that the board must be restarted after firmware download, by unplugging the USB cable and/or by disconnecting the battery.

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Hi @Eleon BORLINI​,

Thank you 🙂

But my first question was, if it is possible to change the starting address from the Android app.

And, why is the binary with Bootloader not supported for FOTA?

Below is a snip from the readme.txt file of the project.



Aditi Prakash