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Hello! I want to know from st-workers what exactly is the g-level in the LSM9DS0 and LSM9DS1 documentation?

Associate II

Namely, I want to know the linear acceleration sensitivity of the LSM9DS1 expressed in (m/s^2)/LSB, not in the g/LSB. It is well known that g at the Earth Poles is 9,832 m/s^2, but at the Equator is 9,780 m/s^2.

Yes, such few difference is important for me. Clarify this to me if possible. Thank you

Miroslav BATEK
ST Employee

I don't know what is your target application, but if you need such accuracy MEMS, sensors are not suitable for you. If you take newer industrial sensor ISM330DLH (better than LSM9DS0 or LSM9DS1) it has specification for sensitivity +/-3%, offset up to +/- 85mg, and also some temperature dependency. So the difference between gravity at the earth poles and equator is insignificant.

Associate II

Yes, Miroslav, you are absolutely right. In view of the above, this difference is not significant.