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get LSM6DSOX acceleration data to SD with using (STEVAL - MKSBOX1V1)

Associate II

I am testing (STEVAL - MKSBOX1V1) 

for LSM6DSOX sensor with iphone app.

but saved (SD card) data seems from LIS3DHH sensor.

is there any way to get LSM6DSOX acceleration data to SD?

Associate III

Hi, you have to select the correct accelerometer from the list below. In particular, see the picture below that I took from this presentation:



Then you have to stream data to the SD card as output.

Associate II

thank you for your information!

actually It seems l already configure same way.(iOS is a bit different view )

0693W00000GXFHqQAP.pngdo you know which way is X axis?

The reason why I thought LIS3DHH might be used is based on the following data.

0693W00000GXFJcQAP.png0693W00000GXFJmQAP.pngThe X-axis and Y-axis are different for each sensors.

In this setting, it's LIS3DHH axis. (or maybe this document is incorrect,,)

ST Employee

Hi @Yinui.1​ ,

the axes of the accelerometers should be remapped in the firmware to be coherent for every sensor, so that when you plot the data the axis show the same behaviour, even if they are not positioned the same way

I can confirm that when you choose the accelerometer, you should follow the advice given by @JWu.12​ , to select the one you want to look at =)

Hope this helps,


Hi Niccolò

Thank you for your support!

I see, I hope I am using LSM6DSOX ^^

​As others have mentioned, I can't update the latest firmware from my mobile phone, and also SendorTile.Box not containing a firmware writing connecter, so I don't know what's working now.



@Yinui.1​  Sensortile.Box Comes with a connector board. You shall use that for the sensortile.Box firmware upgrade.