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The 'Evt_Blue_Gatt_Attribute_modified' isn't called (is slow) for each received ble message (change of characteristics message)?

Associate II

I am trying to do a file transfer over ble, using 20 byte characteristics writes. I did notice that, following a write command for characteristic, the resultant aci_gatt_attribute_modified_event() doesnt get called quick enough to process the next incoming messages. (bluenrg1_events.h version V1.0.0)

Herein I saw the following times

the response for the write message takes 1-3 ms to me sent over to the receiver

the consequent procedure complete call takes over 10- 20 ms to be received by the receiver.

The blunrg1 is running at 32000000Hz. I have the following svc & characteristics details

services added 4, total characteristics -13 (1+4+4+4).

Also, I timed the function in the main loop running the BTLE_StackTick() &  APP_Tick() and their time utilization seems to me less than a 1ms.

Is there any way the responsiveness if the stack could be increased/ optimized?

Please let me know if you have any questions,