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STM32WB55 Custom Client read payload(Data) from custom NRF52840

Associate III

Hi Sirs,

I designed a custom board using STM32WB55. I loaded one board with my custom BLE Server code which sends strings at two-second intervals, while the other with my current custom BLE Client code.

I received these characters properly from the &pr->Attribute_Value variable during the ACI_GATT_NOTIFICATION_VSEVT_CODE on my custom Event_handler


My problem is when I connect one of my custom boards using NRF52840, the ACI_GATT_NOTIFICATION_VSEVT_CODE does not fire during the debug, which is why I'm not receiving the characters.

I tried to connect these custom server boards on the ST BLE Toolbox, and here's what I found out.

1. Custom STM32WB Server board: READ and WRITE characteristics are fine. With enabled notification on READ characteristic. I also happen to see a specific "READ" button on the READ characteristics.

2. Custom NRF52840 Server board. The WRITE characteristic is fine, no READ button on the Read Characteristics, but has a notification. When I enabled this notification, I was able to receive the expected characters on the ST BLE Toolbox.

My question is, since I had no access to the firmware on the NRF52840, is there a way where my custom Client code, enables the notification on the server side, so that I may be able to read it during the ACI_GATT_NOTIFICATION_VSEVT_CODE?




ST Employee

Hello @ICMosquera 

It looks like the issue is on the NRF52840, I suggest you have a post on the forum of the concerned component.

Best Regards.


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