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Associate II

I designed a USB-PD circuit using STUSB4500QTR. Circuit is error free and it shows the correct I2C address when I scanned using I2C scanner. But I can't able to configure the PDO profile using the STM32F072 nucleo board and GUI. I shared here the screenshot of the errors. Please help to get solve this issue.

Winfred LU
ST Employee

Note that there could be two possible HW configurating options (HID and UART). Firmware for STM32F072 has to programmed according to your configuration. In case a configuration does not work, try the other.

Please refer to the quick start guide



I used the UART configuration and it detects the Nucleo board but not the STUSB4500. Always shows the same error.

Winfred LU
ST Employee

The error shows that there was no I2C ack. Please check the HW connection. It could be STUSB4500 not supplied or I2C bus are not well connected.

I double checked the hardware connection but no improvement. Since the address is detected, I hope there is something with the application software but don't know where the problem was.

Winfred LU
ST Employee

Per Screenshot 2023-07-21 223418N.png the message is "No I2C Acknowledge from device 0x28 on bus 1."
It means that the device was not detected.

Possible causes can be

  1. HW connection is not correct. -> Check SCL, SDA, and GND wires.
  2. The used STM32F072 firmware type (HID or UART) did not match the HW configuration. -> Try the other one.
  3. Device address was not configured correctly. This is unlikely to happen since it shall have been done by MCU firmware properly with GPIOs. Anyway, check ADDR1, ADDR0 pins.

Try to measure with an analyzer or a scope to be sure.