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I have a STEVAL-IOD002V1 iolink board and Nucleo-F429ZI dev board and I'm running into a few problems. If anyone is familiar with IOD002V1 I'd appreciate their help.

1. The available documentation references support for NUCLEO-L073RZ and NUCLEO-G071RB. Is there support for my F429ZI or will I have to purchase one of the other 2 Nucleo boards?


2. I've downloaded the required software expansion pack for STM32Cube (X-CUBE-IOD02) and but when I try to install the pack locally using the downloaded zip, the package manager claims the package isn't recognized or supported. I've also noticed X-CUBE-IOD02 isn't listed with other X-CUBE packs under the "STMicroelectronics" tab of the package manager. I'm running STM32Cube in Ubuntu if that's important.


Thank you

Douglas MILLER
ST Employee

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