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How update MTU size for Bluetooth?

Associate III

Background: I have written Embedded application running on a STM32 chip with BlueNRG_M0 Bluetooth(4.2) LE module. I have a C# windows Application that is the client and is reading data form the embedded(remote) device. Problem Statement: The C# is only receiving 21 bytes of data while I am sending > 21 bytes from my embedded application

Tried: I have debugged my embedded application and I can see the buffer sizes are correct. On the C# side I read the MaxPduSize, its 23 bytes.

Online resources frm microsoft say I cannot update the MaxPduSize, its a read only variable. It can only be changed from the remote aplication(server).

There is very little to no information on how to update the maxPduSize on the STM Ble chip.