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How can I make the BLE work on STEVAL-STWINKT1B ?

ST Employee


I am trying to use the BLE (SPBTLE-1S chip) on my STWIN to send acceleration data, and receive some parameters. My first idea was to use a template from X-Cube-BLE1 with the following configuration :

  • HCI_TL : Basic
  • HCI_TL_Interface : UserBoard
  • Application : SensorDemoBLE

According to the schematics, I need to use the SPI2 to communicate with SPBTLE-1S.

0693W00000VOMahQAH.pngMy CubeIDE configuration is the following:

0693W00000VOMa3QAH.pngUnfortunately after flashing, I can't communicate with the BLE, the void MX_BlueNRG_MS_Init(void) failed because of the function aci_hal_read_config_data(CONFIG_DATA_RANDOM_ADDRESS, BDADDR_SIZE, &bdaddr_len_out, bdaddr). The printf indicate "Static address not well formed".

Edit 03/11/2022:

  • getBlueNRGVersion give FW_Version = 0 why ?

  • The function tBleStatus aci_hal_read_config_data(uint8_t offset, uint16_t data_len, uint8_t *data_len_out_p, uint8_t *data) return BLE_STATUS_TIMEOUT

I will appreciate any help or advises,

Many thanks,


Associate II


I'm currently facing the exact same issue with the BLE (SPBTLE-1S chip) on my STWIN board. Despite following the setup, I can't communicate with the BLE module after flashing, and the MX_BlueNRG_MS_Init(void) function fails. Specifically, the  aci_hal_read_config_data returns BLE_STATUS_TIMEOUT.

Has anyone found a solution to this problem?