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BlueNRG-2 sleep issues while working with the full "BLE_SensorDemo" Example Project


I am currently trying to understand why my "BlueNRG_Sleep" function doesn't work, from the main function where custom code should be, either while debugging or while using the battery with my BCN002 tile board. I use LEDs on before and after the sleep is called to verify the sleep is working as expected or not. (the LED should only be off while sleeping) I know that sleep can work on the board as when I load up the sleep example that works as coded and expected. However, i want the rest of the functionality that the "BLE_SensorDemo" project provides. Can someone please answer the following, I've been trying to figure this out for a while now.

  • What needs to be turned off before sleep and turned on after sleep for the “BlueNRG_Sleep�? function to work?
    • currently it just skips right through it every time like it is always being interrupted immediately.
  • How does "BlueNRG_Sleep" know which vtimer to use?
    • is it just the first vtimer to fire?
    • currently i stop all the project specified vtimers before i call the sleep and i start them again after the sleep is over
  • How do you have sleep wake on a motion event within a specified threshold?
    • Anyone have a “wake on shake�? demo? preferably one that uses the rest of the BLE functionality and sensors interrupts.