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BlueNRG-2 broadcasting



I have a few questions regarding the use of the BlueNRG-2 device

I am building a system where I have to send small data packets (10 bytes) from 1 unit to 10+ units. I am aware that you can only have 7 simultaneous connections, but I am wondering if there is a way to broadcast this information, and have anything that is within range receive and interpret the data.

-if so, does anyone happen to have a code sample they would be willing to share?

Do you need an antenna for BLE to function? The range only needs to be about 5-10ft.

Other than the BlueNRG-2 module, is there any supporting circuitry that is necessary for functionality? I need this to fit on a PCB that is 12mm x 12mm so space is very limited

Thanks in advance


I am also interested in this

Associate II

You can include data in the advertising packets. An advertiser also has the ability to respond to a query for additional info with up to 32 bytes of data. Look in the BT spec and BlueNRG docs for "active scanning" and "passive scanning".

And yes, you need an antenna of some sort. I know for our device, if I leave the antenna disconnected, a phone a foot away from the device reads a signal strength of about -85 dBm. Move another foot away and it is impossible to make a connection. The BlueNRG on our device is set for maximum transmit power.