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VL53LCX Gesture Recognition for Linux


I have used the VL53LCX Linux driver to operate the ToF sensor on the IMX8M Nano board, and the Linux driver is functioning correctly. However, I am encountering issues with implementing gesture recognition functionality. I have used the gesture recognition static library M7 Version, which cross-compiled successfully, but the gesture recognition is not working properly. Could you provide the appropriate .a file for the Linux architecture?

ST Employee

I could not tell from your description which processor you are using. Try to find out which MCU you have. Something  like ARM-Cortex M4.

With that you can select one of the pre-compiled libraries. 

If you can't find one that supports your particular MCU then write back.


- john

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Hey John,

The IMX8M Nano comes equipped with the following processor configuration:

  • 4x Cortex-A53 @ 1.5 GHz
  • 1x Cortex-M7 @ 750 MHz
  • Cross Compiler: AArch64 bare-metal target (aarch64-none-elf)

IMX8MN working on the Android (Android 12) framework and an Integrated TOF Driver within the AOSP Linux layer, Hence, The applications run on the Cortex-A53 processor. In order to ensure proper functionality, would I require a .a file specifically for the Cortex-A53 architecture?


I have attached application files here for the reference.