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VL53L5CX custom ranging grid

Associate II

I see that the ultralite driver for the VL53L5CX supports 4x4 60Hz and 8x8 15Hz, but my use case would really benefit from a custom ROI set like the VL53L1 was able to use (in this case I'd like to do an 8x2 grid covering the two central bands of the 4x4 grid in terms of sensor coverage). Is there a way to customize the ROI zones for this sensor like its predecessors?

It looks like _vl53l5cx_send_offset_data is generating something like the ROI zones of the older sensors, so I may start playing around with adding a custom version of that function.

ST Employee

The only way to make a custom zone is to do the 8x8 and throw away the data you don't want. Then you can accumulate the range data in the zones you do want.

and don't forget the signal data. We have found that knowing the signal intensity is very useful as well.

  • john

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