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VL53L0X sensor not working


The VL53L0X sensor chips (33 of them) i bought from Digikey isn't working in my PCBA. I tried to use sensor from the module which i purchased early on is working fine in my PCBA & shows distance readings. I suspect the batch had manufacturing defects as I bought it on January 15 2024.

Can someone help me with the solution ?


ST Employee

it's unlikely that you got a 'bad batch'. Because the FDA makes us adhere to the Class 1 laser safety specification, every single chip has to be individually inspected and calibrated. 

So what can go wrong. 

1) Xshutdown pin: if you don't pull that high, the chip will not turn on.

2) lack of power. These chips pull a fair bit of current when the run, so check for voltage drops.

3) I2C - it's almost always I2C. Check the SDA and SCL are high when the chip is not in use. Bus-stuck-low is the most common problem.

4) I2C byte-swap or word-swap. If your MCU does not match the endianness of the chip, you think you are sending reasonable commands, but you are not.

5) do you have a coverglass. If the glass is not good enough, you will get so much crosstalk your numbers will be wrong. Read the article:

It's important.

 6) check the light - with a camera, does the light turn on? (Don't use an Iphone - the phone's IR filter is too good.)

Sorry for the lack of specifics, but you didn't give me many hints.

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