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Range Status 6 with VL53L1X

Associate II


I'm getting range status 6 while I'm reading the sensor, which corresponds to (No Update) Status.

Test code (kept the necessary debugging prints):

int16_t getDistance(void)
    int status = VL53L1_StartMeasurement(Dev);
	uint8_t firstTimeInterrupt = 1;
	static VL53L1_RangingMeasurementData_t RangingData;
    do /* interrupt mode */
        // SENSOR_DEBUGF("got an interrupt,IntCount=%d\n", IntCount));
        if (IntCount != 0)
        { // Is this necessary ? >> yes.
            IntCount = 0;
            if (firstTimeInterrupt == 0)
                status = VL53L1_GetRangingMeasurementData(Dev, &RangingData);
                if (status == 0)
                    Serial.printf("Status:%d\tD=%d\tSignalC=%u\tAmbientC=%u\n", RangingData.RangeStatus, RangingData.RangeMilliMeter,
                                  RangingData.SignalRateRtnMegaCps / 65536.0, RangingData.AmbientRateRtnMegaCps / 65336.0);
                status = VL53L1_ClearInterruptAndStartMeasurement(Dev);
                return RangingData.RangeMilliMeter;
            { /* Must not read data at the first interrupt, must clear interrupt and start measurement */
                status = VL53L1_ClearInterruptAndStartMeasurement(Dev);
                firstTimeInterrupt = 0;
    } while (1);

What's interesting is the sensor reads and correctly prints the range:

> Status:6    D=60  SignalC=0    AmbientC=1076956160

The used library is: STSW-IMG007_v2.4.5.

ST Employee


Technically you are using a VL53L1CB. You can find the UM of the API here.

A status 6 means VL53L1_RANGESTATUS_RANGE_VALID_NO_WRAP _CHECK_FAIL. It will always happen on the first range. In order to check for the WRAP one needs two ranges. This is just a warning telling you might have a wrap, we don't know. After the second range, you should get more normal responses.

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Thank you again for your information,

  @Anne BIGOT

This is somehow shocking to me, as we've bought modules claimed to be VL53L1X, in which we've proceeded upon.

As of this article, it's 8 meters long instead of 4, is there any tradeoffs?

As we could need longer than 2-3 meters to measure water levels, perhaps VL53L1CB is the answer, am I correct?

I think I'd need to convert my project to use STSW-IMG019 instead of STSW-IMG007, right?

One last question: Where can I find more information about the wrapping range states?

Thank you again.