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ST web server bug for PDF files

Chief II

This is not a bug of the forum engine, but of the main ST web server! Let's open the following link:

By default on a Chromium/Blink based browsers it just opens a PDF file in a tab, but on Firefox it offers a file download. The cause of the difference is the HTTP Content-Disposition header. Look at what a valid syntax is and what the ST web server returns:

content-disposition: /resource/en/application_note/an2606-stm32-microcontroller-system-memory-boot-mode-stmicroelectronics.pdf

This is a nonsense, which doesn't conform to the HTTP standard! Apparently the Chromium/Blink based browsers interpret such a nonsense as "inline", but the Firefox interprets it as "attachment". Read the following link for a more detailed explanation and an override workaround for Firefox:

Community manager
Community manager

Hi Piranha,
Thanks for your feedback.

I will pass it on so that we can achieve equal results when interacting with a file between different browsers.

Best regards,

Chief II

Again this misrepresenting and toning down of the issue... This particular problem is not a problem of the web browsers, but a bug in the main ST web server, which outputs a nonsense in the value field of the particular HTTP response header. Anyone can view it in any browser by opening the URL with PDF, pressing Ctrl+Shift+I and reloading a page with Ctrl+F5. Here is an example with Edge:


Look at the documentation, to which I already gave a link, and then look at what your web server returns!