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Notification missing from the notifications list


I've clicked on the "bell icon" *after* I've seen this "new notification" on the frontpage.

I've even force-reloaded the notification feed page, but it did not change.

No big loss, just another example that Khoros is just another overjavascripted crap.




... and yes, it *did* appear in the list later, but I did not check, when.


Hi @waclawek.jan 

Thanks for reporting this. Could you please confirm if it was only one-time thing or you see it constantly with all notifications? I've tried to test on my side but usually the notifications are displayed correctly in the feed.


Hi Michael,

No, I don't make a deliberate observation like this regularly, nor do I intend to watch actively for occurence of this.

This is obviously consequence of unnecessarily complicated design which ultimately will lead to the same modes of failure than jive and salesforce did. It was your choice, without listening to users, again.


Hi @waclawek.jan 

Please let us know if you notice a similar issue with any other notification and we'll try to investigate further. Unfortunately for now we are not able to reproduce this issue.


Hi @waclawek.jan ,
Thank you for your patience and sharing your feedback. Can you tell us what browser and system you use most often when you notice such cases? This will allow us to better target our internal testing.

Hi Adam,

Most often?

I've noticed this once. It would be silly to expect me to check for such irregularity regularly, wouldn't it.

I usually use FF on Windows, it might've been Win8.0 or some flavour of Win10.


@Community Assistance Team