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When CubeAI is added to the project the .elf file is deleted and not created

Associate III

I have created a project which uses the Nucleo-H7A3ZI-Q. When I build the project is completed successfully.

0693W00000Uo8iaQAB.pngI then add the software package CUBE-AI version 7.2.0 9 (validation selected) to the project. If I do not upload a network model, then I a warning then errors: 0693W00000Uo8izQAB.png0693W00000Uo8j4QAB.pngSo I added an ONNX model, which uploads correctly, and I can analyze as expected:

0693W00000Uo8j9QAB.pngWhen I come to build the code, the .elf file has disappeared, and the compiler can't find it. 0693W00000Uo8jEQAR.pngIf I go to Run>Debug configurations, the .elf file is not there and is no longer created.

If I repeat the steps above but do not build and run with no network, then the elf file does not disappear, and the code works fine. So I'm unsure if this is a bug or something to do with eclipse that I do not know about, but I thought it was worth asking in case anyone else runs into the same problem.

I think if you compile without a network, it does not allow you to ever build the code correctly. So care must be taken and always compile CubeAI with a network chosen. Of course I might be completely wrong and just lack the understanding of eclipse.

Edit: I was going to delete but I couldn't. My issue seems to be solved by selecting the application template, NOT VALIDATION. So if anyone else has this issue, then you can validate your network with the validation option but not you can no build successfully. It seems you can only build successfully with the application template.