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network1.h: No such file or directory


Can you please tell me why it have three files included network1 , 2 , 3?. I have only created one network in the cubemx0690X0000087ZYOQA2.png0690X0000087ZYEQA2.png

ST Employee

It could happen (yes it is a bug) when an old project was loaded in the current version of the pack or if you played a lot with add / remove networks.

Normally when starting the project from an empty MCU it should not happen.

You have network1 2 and 3 in the code because this is the default value of an internal parameter that has not been set correctly.

Also, you can try to open another IP (like the USART) to make sure all the parameters of the X-CUBE-AI gets committed into the core of STM32CubeMX.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you have the exact scenario to reproduce, don't hesitate to post it and we'll make sure it is fixed in the next version.



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