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SO, Peripheral side here, using the marvelous stm32wb55 !I would love to be able to start advertisement for a specific amount of time (e.g, 5 sec)and then get and the response whether or not I got connected. ( ALL IN ONE COMMAND please!!)Did someone ...
Adding the TX power as standard on a GAP command.Is it part of some standard (SIG) of just an ST specific implementation? Also please refer to my ticket:
Hi, Hi all!My first post here and very excited! We just switched to ST Ble module in stm32wb55. Now I am trying  to remove AD_TYPE 0x0A from advertisement, it takes us 3 bytes we need.Similar to this issue :
  @remi @remi2 I am using 1.16 full.bin stack, as the peripheral.Issue: some hci commands are disabled in the _full.bin. I can't use other bin. Can I achieve it without a different stack? Thanks a lot for all the helpers!   
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