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Hello all, I have stm32L5 and stm32U5 board and I need to act one of then as mouse but I couldn't . so could you help me to do this or send example code because I search but I don't find any example  best regards. 
Hello,I have an issue with event flag I am setting this flag inside ISR of GPIO pin interrupt and there is a task wait for this flag but even if the interrupt is come and set the event flag the task still in blocking mode this my code : void MXT_vidT...
I am using TLC5941 Led driver and it communicates with Nucleo-U575ZI-Q and SPI on TLC using three wires only clock, MOSI and MISO and there is no CSso I have an issue with connection so my question is:Is there a way to make SPI on stm32 without CS?
I have an issue with using bit banding on stm32U575ZI-Q board when I want to write on it Hard fault is appear what is the problem and How to overcome this issue?