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I use can communication.If CAN Receiver Buffer is full, How to resolve it?How to resolve for can buffer overflow....
While CAN communication run.If error occurs...(ex. bus_off, error passive, warning status ./... )How to reset?
I use SPC58nh-disp.I use "time.h" and clock() function.but occur errorlike" c:/spc5studio-6.0/eclipse/plugins/
I use spc58nh-disp develop board.I want to enter the standbymode. but can't enter.If i setup SPCSetRunMode(SPC5_RUNMODE_STANDBY0) in main loop, It's behave.But after i get the RTOS, core0, core1 and core2 working, If i work SPCSetRunMode(SPC5_RUNMODE...
What are the settings in the attached picture?When a can interrupt comes in, are you setting whether to receive it through core 2 or core 0?
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