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I would like to use STM32WB (NUCLEO-WB55) with eddystone and sleep periodically.I find examples about beacon and about power low mode but it's not easy merge them.I'm looking for an example.Thank youPaolo Preioni
I created new project with 32L152Discovery and additional Software STM X-CUBE-BLE1 5.0.0;After build I have a error "undefined reference to MX_BlueNRG_MS_init and Process.But in my project there are all files.
I'm testing BlueNRG-M0L with BlueNRG_chat example:I connect it to my smartphone but I have continuous random disconnection.Is there a timeout setting? Or update FW? With serial port I read:HWver 49, FWver 1840BLE Stack Initialized.SERVER: BLE Stack I...