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I have a custom class doing stuff, it's not made from touchGFX , so it doesn't have a presenter for comunicating with the model.i need to read a value from a structure in the model.Tnx
Helloi'm using STM32F746G with touchGfx and keil for a project. i have a working empty project (a blank screen with a button). but when i regenerate the project with cubeMX checking the option :"generate peripheral initialization as a pair of '.c/.h/...
I'm designing an UI and i'd like to access some functions by pressing certain buttons, but i'd also like to let the user move those buttons my keping those button pressed (like android).i tryed with draggable buttons, but the problem is that i can't ...
Is the new touchGFX 4.13 compatible now with the latest VisualStudio  or should i stick with VisualStudio 2017?ThanksStefano
I'm using STM32F746G-DISCO Board. when i open the .ioc generated by he touchGfx on a new project on that board. the GRAPHICS periferla is not present, which was in previous release.Any way to re-enable that?
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