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I bought the STM32F429I DISC1 board.I downloaded my FreeRTOS image into this board, so the original image was gone.Where can I find the original image and source code of the STM32F429I DISC1?I can not find those at this site(
The Hardfault Exception sometimes occurs during system operation.The register and stack values are as follows after the hardfault exception occurrence.The MSP 0x20003780 points to the stack area storing the register information(LR, PC etc) at the mom...
The hardfault exception often occurs during system operation.​The R14(LR) is 0xFFFFFFF9 in the exception handler(bit2 = 0).So the main stack(MSP) is used, and that value is 0x20003778 like the follwing picture.The following picture is the memory valu...
Hello,I want to implement the SNMP agent based on standalone, not based on os.I could have got a example code for snmp agent?Thank.
Hello,I want to disable the uart rx interrupt during transmitting the data like the following flow.UART Rx interrupt disable(Only uart rx interrupt)UART Data TxUART Rx interrupt enableWhich HAL Library I could use for this process?Thanks
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