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stm32cubeprogrammer difference between ST-Link and USB as bootloaders

I am using STM32WB55RG board and trying to run example code BLE_HID When I connected via ST-Link using the STM32cubeprogrammer tool, the binary I wanted was uploaded well as shown in the picture below, and I checked the Bluetooth operation by executing the BLE_HID code.


However, when connected via USB, as shown in the picture below, the binary I want is not upgraded and the tool is shut down. 
Occasionally, the binary is uploaded, but in that case, the WB command buttons are disabled, so I can't press Start Wireless Stack, so even when I run the BLE_HID code, it doesn't work well.


In the BLE_HID example code, MX_APPE_Init(); When the function is executed, when the static void APPE_SysEvtReadyProcessing(void * pPayload) function in the app_entry.c file is executed, it is divided into Wireless_fw_running or FUS_fw_running.

When the binary is upgraded using USE as a soft loader, fus_fw_running is always executed.

I want to run it with wireless_fw_running.



Is there a difference between using ST-Link as a soft loader and using USB? Do I have to use ST_Link to use Wireless stack?