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STM32CubeMX generated STMCubeIDE projects, "ThreadSafe" directory seems to end up different places

Daniel Glasser_2
Associate II

When using STM32CubeMX v6.10.0 (standalone) to update the pin configuration for an STMCubeIDE v1.14.0 project that has the thread safety option enabled, the code generation creates the directory "ThreadSafe" under "Core/Src", while the IDE's version of STM32CubeMX puts the "ThreadSafe" directory directly under "Core", parallel to the "Src" directory.  This breaks the project because the build procedure builds two copies of "newlib_lock_glue.o" and tries to link both into the executable image.

The standalone tool should be updated to use the same directory structure as the version integrated into the IDE.

ST Employee

Hi @Daniel Glasser_2 ,

I moved your post to MCUs forum section since no evidence you were using STM32MPUs. 

Else, I'm not expert but I find this AN STM32CubeMX and STM32CubeIDE thread-safe solution - Application note 

which could be maybe help. 



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