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CubeMX Freeze When Generating Code

Associate II

Every time I try to generate code using the latest version of CubeMX, the software freezes and remains unresponsive for hours. I have tried using previous versions, but the problem persists. How can I resolve this issue?

Screenshot is attached below.

Please help regarding this issue.

Ghofrane GSOURI
ST Employee

Hello @NajeebUllahKhan 

First let me thank you for posting.

Could you please provide your IOC , or at least the steps in order to reproduce the issue .

I will be waiting for your feedback.



Thanks for response.

I do following steps to generate code.

Open CubeMX.

Name the project and click copy only necessary libray files.

Select CubeIDE for code.

And leave rest as default as it is.

Then click on Generate Code.

Then CubeMX Bar Continue to fill half and then CubeMX gets freeze forever.

I tried to reinstall CubeMX, tried to restart PC but still problem exist.

Please help regarding this.

Hello again @NajeebUllahKhan 

I would appreciate it if you could tell me the operating system you are using.


I'm using Window 10 (pro) on PC.

What should I do to resolve this issue?

Hi, I installed Java JDK and then tried to Generate Code using CubeMX but still progress bar remains stuck forever. Problem still exist. Kindly help regarding this issue. Waiting for suitable answer.

Hello @NajeebUllahKhan 

The installation of Java JDK will not have an impact as CubeMX installer contain the JDK needed by the tool.
However, to understand the issue I will need you to start CubeMX in command line mode, generate the code and share with me the log.
To do so please open the CMD in the installation folder of CubeMX and use this command to start the tool.

jre\bin\java -jar STM32CubeMX.exe -i


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