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STM32CubeMonitor v1.7.0 is available

ST Employee


A new version 1.7.0 of STM32CubeMonitor is available on

You can download it on

Click on "Get latest" to download the version 1.7.0.

What are the changes in this version ?

  • Node-RED® updated to the version 3.1, released in September 2023, with multiple improvements in the
    • Notifications management for each tab
    • Bigger workspace
    • Lockable flow
    • Update context menu
    • Group improvement
    • Link to help in the node panels
    • Improvement of horizontal wiring
  • New format added to export .csv data:
    • The data can be organized in multiple columns, making importing to a spreadsheet very easy. In the
      array, each variable is listed in one column with a timestamp in the first column.
    • The details about data recording and display are available in the STM32CubeMonitor advanced
      features pages of the STM32 MCU wiki at
  •  Dependencies updated:
    • The main change is the update of Electron® to 25.8.1 with Node.js 18.15.0.
    • The indirect dependencies are also updated.

Do not hesitate to create new posts if you have any question.

The STM32CubeMonitor team.

David Littell
Senior III

Will the .elf parser be improved at some point to handle large structures?

@David Littell , unfortunately no, release 1.7.0 was already available when you raised this issue.

So, the soon-to-be-released 1.8.0 should include the fix, right?

David Littell
Senior III

Is there an expected release date for 1.8.0?

Any chance of having the variables widget use the OS facilities to set the folder graphically rather than cut/paste?