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Monitor large structure in flash using STM32CubeMonitor


Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a way to monitor a large structure using STM32CubeMonitor (or other solutions if not possible with CubeMonitor).

I'm working on STM32L431RCT6

My structure is composed like followed:

typedef struct {
  uint16_t a;
  uint16_t b;
} _Type1;

typedef struct {
  uint16_t c;
  _Type1 d[500];
} _Type2;

The structure I would like to monitor is of _Type2 type and is stored in flash (It is not declared in code). The structure above is only declared to easily interpret the data when accessing them. It's address is 0x08037000.

I can do it in debug mode with CubeIDE but that is far from ideal. I found out about CubeMonitor and I tried to use it to monitor this structure but that proved to be not as easy as I expected. Is there actually a way to do this ? Do I have to put it in RAM in order to monitor it ?

Thank you for your help !

ST Employee

Hello @ijico 

Yes, you have to put your data in  RAM in order to be able able to monitor it.

please have a look to STM32CubeMonitor wiki to get more information.


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