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MAC OS + CubeMonitor don't show variables

Associate II

If you add a project folder, the program finds firmware.elf, but does not find variables in this file.

This is a working project, stm32f030 with this firmware is on my desk and works.

For the experiment, I started CubeMonitor under sudo, I thought, maybe the program does not have permissions to access the file, I gave permissions to the file for everyone, but this did not solve the problem.

Does this problem have a solution?0693W00000JQBBIQA5.png0693W00000JQB6cQAH.png

Associate II

I figured it out and it was in the build_flags = -ggdb parameter. But now there is another problem. All data on the graph is zero. I made a test variable ++, but it is also 0 all the time.