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The problem of Ethernet with FREERTOS cmsis_v1 on STM32H743

Son, Dong-Seong
Associate III


I am testing the ethernet with cmsis_v1 on stm32h743 (STM32H743I-EVAL2)

I chose cmsis_v2 and when I pinged the board, the ping was successful.

However, after selecting cmsis_v1, the ping does not work.

Is there something that needs to be configured separately when selecting cmsis_v1?

The current IDE version is 1.15.1, and the firmware package version is v1.11.2.

Can you figure out why it doesn't work when I simply switched from CMSIS v2 to CMSIS v1?

ST Employee

Hello @Son, Dong-Seong ,

The recommendation will be to follow this example.
Also be aware that with the newer version of cube when using Cmsis V1 be aware of these issues 
Allow user to override LWIP_PROVIDE_ERRNO · Issue #1 · STMicroelectronics/stm32_mw_lwip (
and don't forget to check for the MPU configuration and the descriptor placement to make this work. this can be found in detail in the attached example.


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Pavel A.
Evangelist III

Recommend to throw the CMSIS crutches away and convert the code to the straight native FreeRTOS calls. This won't leave any room for confusion. Just you and FreeRTOS, nothing else in the middle.