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STMCubeIDE does not create links to SPI HAL files


I am starting to use the H755Zi Nucleo board. I have been using the F767Zi and F746Zg prior to this and familiarity with STM32CubeIDE. I see that there are no examples for the H755Zi-Q, but there are for the H745Zi-Q and do seem to run on the 755 board. But most of those projects (like the SPI examples) don't have a .ioc file and seem to be manually configured?

I ask because when I try to create a project for the H755Zi-Q and tell the tool to enable the SPI1 port for either the M7 or the M4 core, it does not create a link to the HAL driver files in the top level driver files in Drivers/Src in the M7 or M4 project directories. I seem to need to manually create a link or copy the driver files into the project for either the M7 or M4 core. Without doing so, the compile simple fails for not finding the HAL files. It does do it correctly for I2C, but SPI does not work. Is this a bug or user error (or both?). 

My presumption is this dual core support is new and still being worked out, but inquiring minds would like to know. I am using the latest version of the STM32CubeIDE SW 1.15.1




Karl Yamashita
Lead II

If you only checked M7 and/or M4, but did not set a Mode like Full-Duplex Master, then it doesn't generate the driver code. Once you do select a mode, then the SPI drivers are added during generation.

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Thanks for the advice, let me give that a try