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live expressions noticed glitch on displayin values

Associate II

Hey there. It is quite some time now that I've noticed strange behavior with live expressions.


I'm debugging my project in debug optimization "max" and -Og optimization. Debugger that I'm using is "STLINK-V3 compact in-circuit debugger and programmer for STM32".

I've taken a video where you can see the value of variables glitching. I've attached the video in the post*.

I've also noticed via oscilloscope that when debugger is connected there is noise coupling from debug lines to a comparator input of the MCU ( this seems to be separate issue but i believe that maybe they are connected ).

I did try all the different debug frequencies without any change in the above issues.

Can you suggest me to test anything else in order to find out a solution ?

Is there any documentation that I can take advantage of in order to study live expresions / SVW/ JTAG or debug best practices appliance ?!


Kind regards,



Associate II

I forgot to add that the MCU that I'm using is the STM32WLE5CCU.