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Hello, When trying to download STM32CubeIDE the download button shows Not available How I can download the software to run my stm32f429ZI and stm32L476?

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Maybe it's not technical? Could it be a legal / regulation issue? Which country are you in?

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Lebanon but it is mentioned it's free

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thanks for your feedback; I wrote a letter to asking permission

hi, wondering if you managed find any indication if Lebanon is in the export control list for embedded technologies.

is there another link we can use other than the Stanford one?




This also can be caused by Russian attempts to isolate from global internet and disrupt VPNs. Or crazy bastards again damaged comm. cables in the sea.


i did check if Lebanon's internet is interrupted by sanctioned countries and it was wasn't. At least when checking, I see Lebanon isn't under export control, not being embargoed.

Also, Lebanon's internet fiber passes through France. Which isn't passing through Russia.

Hence, I'm questioning ST adherence to Export Control, maybe they need to review again and reconsider relaxed geolocking site extensions for Lebanese technology experts.

If we need to file end user licenses, NDAs, whatever it takes to get this blocked behavior lifted.

Seeking proactive response from ST's application engineers that isn't a template response.

STM32CubeIDE does not download or update without VPN.

Who do we get in touch with to get this sorted out?

Maybe something wrong on ST side , last days even one complained , download not possible : from Switzerland !

He could download then when making a short trip to Germany , just across the boarder. (Dont ask me why ! )

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Pavel A.
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>STM32CubeIDE does not download or update without VPN.

Just keep using the VPN?