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faced problem while useing stm32f411re and nodemcu to handle a webpage


Hi im trying to make up a iot curtain right now and using stm32f411re with nodemcu to connect them to my wifi.i am testing all the sensors and wifi sector separated so non of the sensors are connected to stm32 right now just nodemcu and stm32. so i have tested to make a webpage to have a button to light up ld2 led and when i modified the code like below, the mcu still connected to wifi, gave the IP address to connect, but webpage gives me ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED how do i solve this problem?

Senior II

You can try to ping to some address outside from stm32  so that we are sure the path is correctly established.  Then enable some debug messages in the server code to print via uart when some incoming connection happening to server and server return message. 

i have tried to ping the stm32 from my laptop and i could get the reply. all the AT command seems to work fine as it is printing out all the command are successfully done. the problem here is, when i try to access to the ip address of stm32 and get into the html code of it, i get err_connection_refused