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CubeMXIDE bug; EMDOS and Azure inclusions

Harvey White
Senior III

This has been a long standing problem.

If Azure is installed once (on this system), then for search paths in project properties, it is always present.

If EmDOS has ever been tried, even though it is not selected and has been removed.  The EmDOS library is always loaded.  If the library is not present or available, compilation stops.

The only way to fix this has been to manually edit the project properties and remove the offending items.

The problem is that in some older versions of CubeMXIDE, the .cproject file was never correctly updated.  Even though EmDOS was removed and deactivated, the links and options remain in the .cproject file.  Attached please find an example .cproject file.

This is regenerated (since it's in the file) every time the IOC file is edited, since CubeMXIDE regenerates all the program options from the .cproject file.  This does not have to do with the IOC file itself, which contains no references to Azure or EmDos.

Going through the .cproject file and removing the options to load and add paths seems to fix the problem.  Note that this does not happen on all files and all configurations.

IOC is attached, .cproject has to be zipped since it is an illegal file type.  oh look, zip files are illegal, too.  7z file attached.

Please fix.