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Code generation could not be done most probably because the necessary firmware package is missing

Associate II


I am using STM32F446ZET6 board but I am unable to generate code. I am facing this issue "Code generation could not be done most probably because the necessary firmware package is missing" I have tried all the process which are mentioned on different platform even on ST community page. I tried to download the firmware package manually and installed it but the error is same. kindly tell me what should I do. STM32CubeIDE version is 1.14.1. and firmware package version is 1.28.0. but nothing is working after every possible solution. 

Ghofrane GSOURI
ST Employee

Hello @SShah.27 

First let me thank you for posting.

In order to overcome this problem please follow those steps:

- First make sure that your  STM32CubeIDE is connected to the Internet:

  More details could be found in UM2609 section  1.2.3 STM32CubeIDE user authentication.

- Try to uninstall then reinstall STM32CubeIDE .

I will be waiting for your feedback.




Go into Help -> Manage Embedded Software Packages and install the necessary firmware package.

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Associate II

Hi Guru

Thank you for your answer but I have tried this solution as well but in my case its not working.

Hello Ghofrane

Thank you for your reply i have connected my stm32cubeide to the internet. also i have uninstalled and installed but its showing same error.



Hello @SShah.27 ,

I assume you start a project from STM32 Target Selector using Board NUCLEO-F446ZE, right ?

If the code generation tells you the firmware is missing, then the first thing to check is your firmware repository path settings.

Open menu Window > Preferences, then in the window select STM32Cube > Firmware Updater, and check the field Repository Setup. Click Browse to open the selected folder and check its contents for the STM32F4 pack you are using.