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Behaviour differences in STMCube32IDE when compiling without optimisation, failing to handle any functions declared as inline unless made static

Senior III

There are still behaviour differences in the latest STMCube32IDE when compiling without optimisation O0, as it is failing to compile any functions declared as inline unless made static. Using O2 optimisation this does not happen and it compiles.

Also if switching to the full C standard compiler from reduce C nano compiler, there is no substitute for the assert macro.

Pavel A.
Evangelist III

What is the "assign macro"?

How inline functions fail for you?

There is no such thing as "nano compiler". What is the toolchain version in use, and which C standard level?


Senior III

Sorry, that should have been the assert macro, and nano.specs Runtime library.

Version: 1.12.1 doesn´t show Language standards under general, the interface is different.

I had a look for this but could not see it, there is only two options under the MCU settings, Standard C or nano.specs runtime.

Toolchain is set to 10.3-2021.10