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Address displayed to the left by disassembly is incorrect

Associate II


I am using 1.15.1 of STM32cube IDE in Macbook pro(M3 , macOS Sonoma) . When I look at disassembly for my C project, the addresses and the disassembler code do not match at all. Further as I scroll up and down the assembly code, the addresses displayed in the left, stay stagnant (do not move in sync with the scrolling code) . When I stop scrolling the addresses get updated but incorrectly. In other words, the address field does not scroll up/down while I scroll the disassembler code  , resulting in a complete mismatch of addresses the moment I scroll. 


In the attached snapshot, for example, I searched for the address of main() which is 0x80001fc, it resulted in main() showing up in the first line as expected, but the address corresponding to it shows up at 0x80001c8. This was because I scrolled the code earlier , and the code did move but not addresses corresponding to them